A medicinal cannabis vaporiser is a medical grade device that is used to administer medicinal cannabis to a patient.

The route of administration is via vaporisation and inhalation.

Are They Legal?

In New Zealand, only cannabis vaporisers that have been approved and certified as a medical device are permitted to be sold and possessed. The Storz & Bickel-manufactured vaporisers sold by MediVape are the only two medical grade vaporisers for dry herb medical cannabis approved for use in New Zealand.

How Do They Work?

A medical grade cannabis vaporiser has an element inside which heats up to vaporise the milled medical cannabis flower in the chamber, sending it to the mouthpiece to be inhaled. It is used for administering medical cannabis via inhalation without producing harmful smoke.

Are Vaporisers Safe?

To be sold legally in New Zealand, medicinal cannabis vaporisers must be registered medical devices. To meet this medical device standard, vaporisers must meet high manufacturing and design quality standards, and the manufacturing process is audited by health authorities. Buying an approved medical vaporiser will give you peace of mind that your device is safe.