To get the very best out of your Storz & Bickel dry herb vaporiser, it is important to undertake regular cleaning and maintenance. We recommend cleaning your device once a week however this will vary depending on your frequency of use.

To clean your device you will need Isopropyl alcohol cotton swabs, soap, warm water, two glass jars or bowls, and the included brush.




The tools required to take all of the removable parts off are included with your Mighty Medic dry herb vaporiser.

First you will need to remove the cooling unit which is on the top of the vaporiser. This is done by unscrewing it until it loosens. Remove the mouthpiece next by rotating it from side to side. The mouthpiece will become loose and you can then pop it off and remove the blue seal ring which is around it.

You then unlock the Cap Lock and remove it. This can be done by pushing it to one side and pulling up on the other side. When the top of the cooling unit is separated from the base, 2 Blue Seal Rings will be exposed. Use the Filling Chamber tool to remove the rings and pop out the chamber Screen.

You will also need to remove the lower screen within the Filling Chamber and you can again use the Filling Chamber tool to do this. Poke down on the screen and create dents until it pops from the sides of the chamber and then remove it.

Soak the parts

Soak the removable parts in Isopropyl alcohol. The only part that you do not soak is the Cap Lock (the part with the Mighty logo on it) and the Seal Rings. The other parts will need to be soaked for up to 30 minutes to remove dry herb debris. Soaking the parts for longer could cause discolouration or cause them to become brittle.

While the parts of soaking, use a cotton bud which has been soaked in Isopropyl alcohol to clean the Filling Chamber. Do not over-soak the cotton bud as you do not want the liquid to drip into the device and damage any of the heating elements. It is a good idea to clean the chamber by holding the Mighty Medic upside down. This way you avoid any excess alcohol dripping into the device and potentially damaging it.


Place a new screen into the Filling Chamber. To secure it, press down with the filling tool. Remove the other parts from the Isopropyl alcohol soak and rinse them with warm water. Dry them thoroughly before reassembling your device in reverse order.

Before you use your clean Mighty Medic again, make sure you get rid of any excess alcohol remaining in the vape and on the parts by running a few burn off cycles. Set the Mighty Medic to max temperature and let it run through a couple of max heating cycles until you do not smell any more alcohol. After this your Mighty Medic is clean and ready to go!

Further detail on cleaning your Mighty Medic medicinal cannabis vaporiser can be found in the following video.



Base Station

Remove any marks and smudges from the base station with a dry or damp cloth, and avoid using liquid or abrasive cleaners.

Next, check the Air Filter. This can be found on the bottom of the base station. If it is looking dirty, or you notice airflow issues then it might be time to replace it.

You should also flip the base station over every now and then to shake out any bits of dry herb that may have fallen down inside.

Filling Chamber

Cleanliness of the Filling Chamber is key to the performance of the Volcano Medic 2 so should be well maintained.

Start by twisting it apart, so you’re left with the Filling Chamber and Cap Housing. Push the end of the brush down into the Cap Housing to pop out the screen. Remove the Silicone O-ring from the Cap Cylinder and set them aside.

Push the metal Cap Cylinder down through the Cap Housing. Push the Screen up and out of the Filling Chamber’s bottom half. Push the Filling Chamber Cylinder up and out the same way.

Soaking or washing

Set aside the silicone rings and any plastic parts, and soak them in warm, soapy water. The remaining pieces of the filling chamber can go straight into the Isopropyl alcohol for up to 30 minutes. Afterwards, make sure to rinse them well in warm water, and let them dry before use.


First, slide the Cap Cylinder into the Cap Housing and let it lock in place, then slide the Silicon O-ring back over the Cap Cylinder up to the Cap Housing.

Press the upper Screen into the Cap Cylinder from below and let it lock in place in the notch provided for this purpose. The upper Screen has to be placed carefully into the intended notch. If this is not observed, particles of herbs can get into the Valve Balloon or the Tube and be inhaled.

Push the Filling Chamber Cylinder from above into the Filling Chamber Housing and allow it to lock in place. Insert the Screen or the Drip Pad into the Filling Chamber from above. Screw the Filling Chamber Cap cap onto the Filling Chamber clockwise.



The Herb Mill and Magazine must not be placed in Isopropyl alcohol. Clean these parts with warm rinsing water. In addition, using Dosing Capsules can avoid the build-up of coarse dirt, and these can be prepared and stored in their Magazine.

Do not immerse any plastic components in alcohol for longer than half an hour. Prolonged contact with Isopropyl alcohol can lead to color changes or embrittlement of the plastic parts.