Terpies OG Kush 5ml

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AKA: Original Kush

AROMA: Citrus, Pine, Woody


CULTIVAR: Chemdawg, Hindu Kush

The classic strain of OG Kush can be described as having a deep sour-lime vibe with a subtle piney undertones. These two aromas work together to create a complex yet enjoyable profile that is nostalgic, and reminiscent of summer days in the 70s.


Unsure how to handle Terpies? Grab a dosing kit too!


More information can be found here on terpi.es


WARNINGS Terpies must be diluted prior to use. Terpenes are safe in foods and beverages, aromatherapy infusions, cosmetics, cleansers, perfumes, and in diffusions. Ensure terpene use is within the recommended limits.

High-purity potent aroma molecules. Handle with care. Keep away from children and pets. Do not use prior to dilution. 

It’s important to note that everybody reacts to terpenes differently. Some terpenes can cause allergic reactions or hypersensitivities in people at low concentrations, so always talk to your doctor and rule out any allergies before experimenting with unknown terpenes and refer to the terpene breakdown of each Terpies strain.