Getting Lost - Wellbeing Edition

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Take a moment for you – grab this pack, keep it with you, follow the directions when you need a wellbeing boost.

The Getting Lost Wellbeing Edition has 30 cards that you can take with you on the train, the car, walks or at home to inject a little mindful wellbeing in to your day.

Our misdirections are either free or very low cost activities that you can do where ever you are to help keep you active, encourage you to take notice, connect, learn and give.

Recommended Age: All ages

Average game time: 4+ hours

Stand alone or combine: Stand alone

Activity or directions: Mostly activity with a few directions

NB: Please do not use this product and drive while under the influence of medicinal cannabis or any other substance that may impair your ability to drive safely and effectively. Medicinal cannabis products may affect your judgement, coordination, reaction time and decision making. Driving while impaired by medicinal cannabis or any other substance may result in serious injury or death to yourself or others. You are responsible for knowing how medicinal cannabis products affect you and for complying with the law. It is illegal to drive or operate machinery while impaired by any substance, including medicinal cannabis.  If you are playing this game while medicated, please ensure there is a designated sober driver.