4 Gram Integra Boost Terpene Essentials: Myrcene

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Each pack of Integra Boost® Terpene Essentials contains a patented salt-free, plant-based 2-way humidity control formula and our botanically sourced terpene isolates. All of our terpenes are tested and standardized in potency.

Infuse your herbal product with a specific aroma, flavour, and potential effect from one of our seven terpene isolates while our 2-way humidity control technology preserves the freshness, potency, and integrity of your herbal product throughout the process.


Potential Effects: Anti-inflammatory, mildly sedating, analgesic, relaxing

Aroma: Slightly floral with spicy, pungent notes

Flavour: Earthy base with musky, spicy notes

Botanical Sourcing: Hops, mango, basil, lemongrass, thyme, bay leaf



Each 4 Gram Terpene Essentials pack can infuse up to 14g of product.

Simply store a Boost® Terpene Essentials pack with your herbs in an airtight container, wait 24-72 hours for terpene infusion to occur, and enjoy!

You can add more than one Terpene Essentials pack in the container at once to create your own blend!

For long-term freshness, replace the Boost® Terpene Essentials pack with a non-flavoured 55% or 62% RH pack.

After initial infusion, store the Boost® Terpene Essentials pack in an airtight container and reuse up to 2 more times.