Terpenes are aromatic compounds that are found in many plants. They are commonly associated with cannabis as cannabis plants contain large numbers in high concentrations. 

Terpenes are responsible for the characteristic scent of cannabis, along with other plants such as lavender or lemons. Terpenes have many biological roles including attracting pollinators or repelling predators. They also play a protective role as part of the plants immune system. May terpenes are bioactive which means the may affect the human body. This effect will vary depending on the type, concentration and how it is consumed.

Terpenes evaporate from cannabis and hemp when the flowers trichomes are in direct contact with the air in a jar, bag or container. Catching a powerful nose whiff when opening a container of cannabis is actually a warning sign that terpenes are evaporating - once they are lost, they are gone for good.

The solution to these evaporating terpenes can be found in the form of Boveda Sachets. The saltwater solution in Boveda creates a shield around the cannabis trichomes, locking in the terpenes. 

The semi-permable membrane in Boveda release pure water molecules that build a monolayer around the trichomes. It also brings the relative humidity (RH) to a safe level, protecting against excessive humidity that can lead to dangerous mould and over drying which can impact quality, potency and effects.

To use a Boveda sachet, remove the plastic wrapper from the outside of the pack and place the sachet directly into your airtight jar or container alongside the flower.